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Do's and Don'ts, says the Musician...

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

From the observing musicians, shared with the tongue in the cheek. What you read down here, may or may not be taken seriously. ;-)

Safe to say, we see a lot of beautiful people tying the knot.

We can accurately give an objective opinion of a few do's and don'ts.

Trust us, we have seen it all.

To start this conversation - Don't be late... You paid good money to book all of your service providers, you have one task for this day. Get ready and ENJOY every moment.


ask your sister, mom or aunt to be the planner and organiser. Emotions do tend to run high, you do not need this person asking you a million questions when they should be the one having all the solutions already. A great wedding planner knows what usually goes wrong and prepare for these things way in advance.


save a little bit longer to book the services of a great wedding planner - if you cannot afford one to do everything, book someone for on-the-day coordinating. There are just too much excitement to remember everything on your lists, and still be in the moment and enjoy everything. You have this one magical day with all your favourite people in one space, don't let something silly ruin it.

We work with them often and they are all incredible, dynamic and professional event planners. There are many more amazing coordinating teams out there who can plan your wedding eyes closed, we suggest asking friends who got married recently who had great personal experience with their planners.

"Planning my wedding was so stress-free and easy." – Said no bride ever.


do all of the speeches during starters/dinner, guests get bored and you are missing out on some quality time on the dance floor. Do some of them during canapés and pre-drinks, this way you get to quickly run the list of "thank you's", friends and family who came a long way to be there, but most importantly, honour the grannies and grandpa's - let's face it, they truly are the VIP's.


put on a show. This is said with so much respect. If you are a sweats and T-shirt kind of girl, don't all of a sudden put your hair in a tight bun with a dress you can barely breathe in. Stay true to yourself. If you want to wear that comfy dress with nothing scratching, do it! If you love to dress up and endure a little pain for beauty, you go queen! Do not change who you normally are for this day. It's about the marriage, not a wedding day.


have a few disposable cameras on the day, appointing hand-picked friends to take random pictures through the night (you'll be surprised who would go so far as to 'permanently borrow' these old gems). These photo's are such treasures because nothing can be deleted and there's the surprise element of developing it in your own time. Unedited and REAL.

Most Importantly, Do

take everything on this day as it comes. You have planned everything to the T, but if the rain suddenly starts to pour down, rather go dance in it than letting it ruin your day.

Celebrate, laugh, dance and sing! Take in every second with your significant other.

It's the start of forever!


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